Smarty SSR Tuner 03-07 5.9L Dodge Cummins

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Smarty SSR Tuner / Programmer by MADS Electronics

2003-2007 5.9L Dodge Cummins

SMARTY is THE best programmer on the market for the 03-07 5.9L Cummins with the S-06 REVO, REVO TNT and TNT-R, and they took it to a whole new level with the SSR (Super Sport Revo).  We, at Diesel Power Products, got our hands on one of the test models before launch and were absolutely amazed by the performance gains it granted us. We let the SSR go between a few of our trucks and it was like a drug, everyone needed it once they had used it.

The SSR offers absolutely an unparalleled ability to completely dial in your Cummins, no matter what other upgrades you have done. No more timing rattle, no more excessive smoke where you don’t want it, just pure power.

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  • Race performance CaTCHER software inside
  • More than 15 billions of possible tuning customizations
  • Fastest download in the industry, up to three times faster than the competition, a typical ECM update takes about 3.5 to 5 minutes, depending on the truck model
  • ABS tire height updates in just few seconds.
  • Not traceable in the stock setting. Smarty leaves no footprint.
  • Manual High Idle is enabled in all softwares
  • Reads  Diagnostic Trouble Codes in plain text.
  • No tools required, no fuses to pull.
  • USB built in for simple updates .
  • Most complete keyboard in the industry.
  • Reliable, it works off your OEM hardware.
  • Programmable Speed Limiter from 25 to 250 mph
  • RPM limiter up to 4200
  • Power on Demand
  • Ability to adjust low and high level timing, high and low level rail pressure, high and low level duration and torque management to suit your needs
Fast Guide to Smarty SSR Software Levels
  • No need for a PC. No need to know about binary code. No need to spend countless hours on complicated software.  No need to become a software engineer to fine tune your truck!
  • The SSR delivers the right combination of performance parameters to fully customize your engine. No matter what modifications you have done to it! Whatever race and class you want to compete in, the SSR is the answer!
How It Works:

The SSR provides just one base performance software that takes care of all the limiting factors like the speed / RPM / Torque & boost limiters. Then you will need to fine tune the injection duration, injection timing and rail pressure to the truck’s needs. The three most critical performance parameters in a Diesel engine!

In order to allow the complete customization of the performance software to the particular engine’s needs, the SSR provides 50 levels each for the following parameters:

  • Low Load injection Timing ( LLT )
  • High Load injection Timing ( HLT )
  • Low Load injection Duration ( LLD )
  • High Load injection duration ( HLD )
  • Low Load Rail Pressure ( LLRP )
  • High Load Rail Pressure ( HLRP )
All you need to do is to select the tuning parameters that match your truck best, voilà.


  • 100 power levels selectable in just one second during the driving
  • It’s easy: just type the preferred power level directly on Smarty keyboard, from 00 to 99.  That’s all!
  • For safety reason, the truck waits that the throttle is released before applying the new power level
No trace is left in the ECM!
I herby CLAIM that Smarty is the FIRST AND ONLY downloader that does not erase any of the stored data in the ECM. Smarty does NOT leave any electronic footprints in the ECM or any other electronic module in the truck. Smarty does NOT set ANY codes once the ECM is set back to stock. Smarty does NOT need to have fuses pulled.  No matter what the competition claims , in one way or another they’re ALL detectable. Smarty is NOT!
Yet, Smarty can not do one thing for you. Fix what others have broken. Smarty can not restore a key on counter that another downloader has erased . Smarty can not fix VIN# troubles caused by other products. If your Check engine / ABS light is on because another product has screwed your ECM, Smarty can not fix it, the other guy HAS to…
ABS / Speedo Recalibration
The tire height can be adjusted up to 44″ in increments of 10 tenth of an inch in just a couple seconds. Of course, Smarty needs to be VIN# locked to the truck in order to get into the ABS adjustment section.
DTC Code Reader
The name says it all.You can read and erase codes. Codes are displayed also in plain English. That’s old news by now. Smarty S-03 was the first one to provide that utility, others found the idea to be a good one too.  ( Smarty does erase ABS codes too but does not display them )
ECM Update Speed
Faster than anything else on the market! Again we’ve done our homework on the protocol. Less than 5 minutes. Three times faster than a Star-Scan diagnostic tool or competitor.  We have developed our own bootloader in order to not have to pull fuses should an update become interrupted for any reason. All you have to do is to turn the key off / key on Smarty does everything else on it’s own.



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